Smart Technology contracting Co.

We represent a reliable partner in providing diverse and integrated services in the field of construction and building, based on the Kingdom 2030.

❖ About Us

Smart Technology Contracting Co., is a leading company in the fields of general contracting and construction in Bahrain, the company was founded to present special and comprehensive services in multiple fields that include building, other construction activities, general trading, maintenance of sites, construction of roads and railways, all of which to keep up with the developmental wave surging through Bahrain toward its 2030 vision, the company is known for its highly specialized and well trained team, who seeks to reach the highest quality and efficiency levels in each project that we execute, aiming to participate positively toward the development of the country’s infrastructure, thanks to our use of the latest techniques and the best materials the company hopes to execute the customers’ vision and provide creative and sustainable solutions that effectively satisfy their needs, as we also adhere to honesty and transparency in all of our processes, making us a trusted partner in the construction and building sectors, additionally our company deeply cares about sustainability and social responsibility, as it strives to improve the infrastructure and support the sustainable development in Bahrain.



Our company seeks to achieve a leading position in the general contracting fields, to reach the highest quality and efficiency levels in our projects through the best utilization of the finest techniques and practices in our services, in a way that suits Bahrain’s 2030 vision.



We strive to gain the customers’ satisfaction through high quality services and continuously meeting their expectations, while excelling in every aspect of our work and always present effective and creative solutions.



Aiming to achieve sustainable growth by expanding our reach and improving our abilities, while strengthening our presence in the market, as we are committed to our role in support social responsibility and participating toward the improvement of our society.


❖ Values

• Always striving to achieve excellence in all aspects of our projects.
• We believe in the importance of transparency and open communication with our customers and partners.
• Caring for analyzing, planning and execution in a professional way.
• Encouraging creativity and continuous development, as we seek to present new and effective solutions in the construction fields.

• Striving to support sustainable development and presenting support for social and environmental initiatives.

❖ Our Services

Construction work

The company provides comprehensive services in the construction fields, as we combine experience and excellence to execute a variety of complex projects, where we build residential, commercial and industrial buildings using the latest technologies and international standards for quality and safety, thanks to our qualified and specialized team and our utilization of the latest equipment and technologies, we are able to execute construction projects with high efficiency and according to schedule, including roads and bridges construction and development of public buildings, as we strive to gain the customers’ satisfaction and exceed their expectation in every project that we execute.

General trading work

We also provide different services in the fields of general trading, as we strive to serve the customers’ needs by providing high quality products and exceptional services, thanks to our strong network of suppliers and commercial partners we are able to present a wide collection of products and services for both the public and private sectors, our services include providing construction materials, tools and equipment, office supplies, consumer products, water, electricity and renewable energy meters, etc., to meet the needs of different customers, and participates toward the sues of their business.

Maintenance of sites

We provide maintenance and beautification series for sites of our customers who seek to maintain the beauty of their residential and commercial sites, our services include the periodic maintenance of buildings and facilities, such as maintenance of electricity, plumbing, painting and cleaning, in addition to fixing any damages that might occur, we also provide site beautification services as we improve the external appearance of buildings and their surrounding green spaces, by coordinating plants, flowers, decorations and furniture in the location, aiming to create and attractive and comfortable environment for residents or visitors, and improve its performance and attractiveness.

Construction of roads and Railways

The company specializes in the construction of roads and railways according to the highest safety and quality standards, as we execute main roads and branching streets, including the installation of pavements, lighting and drainage systems, we also construct and maintain railways, including tracks, stations, tunnels and bridges, thanks to our efficiency and wide experience in this field we are guarantee the accurate execution according to schedule, which participates toward the improvement of the infrastructure and connect different regions together to facilitate the transportation of citizens, vehicles and public transportation means.